"In addition to helping with my projects, he (Josh) has consistently created his own original content. I truly believe anyone would be lucky to work with this up and coming talent."

-Kevin Smith

"... he consistently impressed me with his work ethic, always going over and above what was asked."

-Robert Kurtzman

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A few highlights of articles that have been written about the projects I've been involved with.

Comicbook.com covered the raising of funds for our upcoming feature Wrong Reasons.

Billboard Magazine
Billboard covered out MUSACK shoot where there was a mini Op-Ivy reunion!

Trainwreck'd Society
I got to do a little bit of press on the ParksDoc, check it out here!

Comicbook.com covered the release of Magnum Dopus.

Torrent Freak
In probably the most fun article written about us, this details how we had to torrent a movie last second to save a live event.

Riot Fest, Punk News, & Tenho Mais Discos
We recently got some great write-ups about our new Tim Armstrong live music video where he played in a tree as part of Musack.org

Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly featured the live Lovett or Leave It video I directed/edited featuring Rainn Wilson.

Punk News

PunkNews.org featured the new music video I shot for The Real McKenzies. They also did a write up on my video of Billy Bragg, Wayne Kramer, and Mike Doughtry covering The Clash.

City Beat

CityBeat ran a great article on my friend Nick Dellaposta and I's work with Michael Parks on the music video Twisted Knives.

Ain't It Cool

Muldoon over at Aint It Cool gave us a great write up about our short film, The Mission.


CleveScene covered my work collecting all of the known Ghoulardi footage and restoring it to the best available quality.

Boing Boing

BoingBoing wrote a short article about my work recapturing and restoring the rare Hunter S. Thompson short documentary The Crazy Never Die.

Yahoo Movies, AVClub.com, & Cinemania

Yahoo, A.V. Club, & Cinemania covered my work re-editing the Evil Dead franchise into one, giant movie.


AntiCurrent, Josh Roush
AntiCurrent, Josh Roush
AntiCurrent, Josh Roush