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"In addition to helping with my projects, he (Josh) has consistently created his own original content. I truly believe anyone would be lucky to work with this up and coming talent."

-Kevin Smith

"... he consistently impressed me with his work ethic, always going over and above what was asked."

-Robert Kurtzman

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About Me

My wife Olivia and I

I was born in Middletown Ohio and the second I turned 18, I began to plot my escape. At 19, I moved to California and attended California State University Fullerton for film. Upon leaving school, I began work for Sony while simultaneously interning for a company shooting cameras for Kevin Smith's company SModCo. While working there, I assistant-edited two seasons of Spoilers, toured Australia for a Netflix special, and eventually landed as the media-tech for Kevin and Ralph Garman's podcast Hollywood Babble-On.

These days I run Roush Multimedia with my beautiful wife Olivia (who herself is a talented actor and producer). We shoot video and run audio for major podcasts such as the previously mentioned Babble-On (BabbleVision.com) as well as one of the hottest podcasts around, Lovett ot Leave It.

As if this weren't enough, my partner-in-crime Mitch Cleaver and I also run a major weekly movie podcast called The Soapbox Office, the goal of which is to spotlight forgotten cinematic gems of the silver screen. After just over a year, we have over 100k downloads and have had commercials featured on CNN, Fox, HGTV, and many more.

At the moment, we're putting together several different projects, the biggest of which is our debut feature, Wrong Reasons. Thanks to multiple years of working deep within the industry, we have assembled an insanely talented group of both cast and crew.

AntiCurrent, Josh Roush
AntiCurrent, Josh Roush
AntiCurrent, Josh Roush