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WELCOME!!!: (Updated March 29th, 2017)

These are some select photos from a few shoots, and a bit of randomness.

-Josh Roush

Creator, H.D.I.C



Vic Ruggeiro, Bar One, Live, Bass

Vic Ruggiero


The Devils's Bridge

Sydney Bridge Old Dog

Under The Sydney Bridge

Jesse Wagner, Acoustic, Bar One, North Hollywood

Jesse Wagner

Liv Portrait

Bagged and boarded kevin eastman ninja turtles smodcastle

Kevin Eastman Creator of TMNT

2015 Christmas

Josh Roush Hicksville Joshua Tree Junk Art

Down and out in Joshua Tree

Kevin Hinman

One Nation, Under Chin

Bath England

Bath, England

Olivia Roush Hallow Ian

Frankenstein Has Good Taste

Josh Roush Hicksville Joshua Tree Junk Art

Celebrate Good times,


Olivia Roush Hallow Ian

Surprised Ian

Chad Sachs

Chad and Lacey

Engagement Photos