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Art Gallery (always in progress)

Art and promotional material that I have created throughout the years.

The Mission Short Film by Josh Roush

The Mission Poster

AntiCurrent Bomb

AntiCurrent Logo

Soapbox Office Giant Size #1 Comic

Other Fish Poster
(Design by me, actual art by Josh Stifter)

Soapbox Office Giant Size #1 Comic

Giant Size #1

Giant Size #2

Giant Size #3

Rodney Redbottom Premiere

Rodney Redbottom Premiere

Rodney Redbottom Poster

Rodney Redbottom Poster

Ralph Garman- Birthday Card

Birthday Card

Liv and Josh Xmas

Xmas Comp

Liv and Josh Xmas 2

Xmas Comp 2

Xmas Comp 3

greatful dead terrapin station pointalism

Terrrapin Station-Pointalism

Alf VS Garfield

Alf Eats Garfield

Another Saturday Night
Colored Pencil

Everything comes with a cost, count it on the friends you lost. You'll get yours in due time. Made your bed and I'll make mine. In the cave stuck below, Moron Anger won't let you go. pissnblood.com piss n blood

Piss N' Blood
Chain Reaction

My ex band piss n blood - ron anger is a washed up wanna be premodanna old fool pissnblood.com

Piss N' Blood
Residency Gig

An intrinsic lack of loyalty defines everything you do You think you know the state of the world But you have no clue ron anger piss n blood pissnblood.com

Photoshopped flyer for our Hot Topic show.