My Essays: Updated May 12th 2010

Here are a few of the Essays that I have written throughout my scholastic career.

This second essay tackles some of the problems and possible solutions to the copyright laws that are currently in place in our country.

Some of it is a bit dull, but I did enjoy researching this essay-

Copyright- Fixing a Broken System-Web Page

Copyright- Fixing A Broken System (.DOCX VERSION)


This first one is on the Life and Music of Tom Waits. It was written in 2007 so it is a bit dated and does not include his new Live album "Glitter and Doom". However this does go over his ENTIRE career and progression up to the release of Orphans.


Tom Waits On No One (Web Page)

Tom Waits On No One ( History and Progression of His Music) (DOCX VERSION)