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Welcome to Easter Eggs:

Easter Egg: An unexpected surprise -- an undocumented procedure or unauthorized feature that's playful in nature or gives credit to the software developer or chip designer. Like their namesakes, Easter Eggs can be quite elusive and hard to find.

This is essentially a collection of media that I created early in my career. It is largely experimental, and incredibly strange.


Emancipation of the Piggie Nation

In college I was known as the guy who made really, really strange stuff. Here is an early excersize in my using greenscreen.

The Hug Machine

Presented here is another strange college project. This was my first foray into using After Effects.


Undiscovered Genius

Here is my first short movie done in college.

Cherry Blossums Eve

Yet another weird college project.


Comic Con 2012 Outtake

For year's I've traveled with Kevin and company to Comic-Con. As I was combing through the footage one day, I discovered Jason Mewes talking shit about me.

Transplant Gone Wrong

Here's a little thing I did while experimenting with Flash Animation.